Tigers for Dinner

Ruskin Bond  
Genre : picture book, fiction  
7+ yrs  
72 pages  
  It seems that long, long ago in India, there lived manservants/maids who seemed to have a never-ending fund of stories... read more...

Fundoo4 - The Mystery of Mindnet

Aniruddha Sen Gupta  
Genre : fiction, fantasy  
9+ yrs  
151 pages  
  Amay, Fatima, Mani and Piyali are a kid’s task force in action –starring first time in this action packed... read more...

The Lu Quartet

Nalini Das  
Genre : Realistic Fiction  
12+ yrs  
417 pages  
  Super sleuths and other stories by Nalini Das is another collection in line in the long list of racy, adventurous,... read more...

The Lilliputians

Kirsty Murray  
Genre : Realistic Fiction  
12+ yrs  
325 pages  
  The novel, "The Lilliputians" by Kristy Murray is based on a true story of an Australian theater troupe... read more...

The Deadly Royal Recipe

Ranjit Lal  
Genre : Realistic Fiction  
9+ yrs  
257 pages  
  The book, "The Deadly Royal Recipe" by Ranjit Laal is one hell of a gastronomic ride. It won't only take you... read more...

4 Heroes and a Green Beard

Narayan Gangopadhyay  
Genre : fiction, suspense  
7+ yrs  
92 pages  
  Although written in the late 19th century, this detective novel has stood the test of time and seems just as fresh and... read more...

Beyond the Blue River

Genre : fiction, fantasy  
12+ yrs  
243 pages  
  Grace, an auto rickshaw, is different from the others - highly intelligent and eager to explore and learn. As, she... read more...

Iora & the Quest of Five

Arefa Tehsin  
Genre : fiction, fantasy  
12+ yrs  
304 pages  
  The Twitters are in trouble! No, not just them, the future of the entire Rainforest is at stake and all the creatures... read more...

The Adventures of the Flying Magic Jharoka - Poachers in Paradise

Shamim Padamsee  
Genre : fiction, fantasy  
7+ yrs  
82 pages  
  Would you like to go on a magic carpet ride to Kashmir? Substitute the magic carpet with a Flying Magic Jharokha (a... read more...

Taranauts - The Secret of the Sparkl Amethysts

Roopa Pai  
Genre : sci-fiction, fantasy  
7+ yrs  
120 pages  
  How would you like to bite into a Samchori, where the soft, fragrant filling of a Samosa meets the crispy crunchiness... read more...