Mahatma Gandhi

Nine Hidden Gems

Kumkum Somani  
Genre : realistic fiction  
7+ yrs  
360 pages  
  As time goes on the memory of Gandhiji and what he stood is getting relegated to text books and the mechanical... read more...

The Mahatma and the Monkeys

Anu Kumar  
Genre : non-fiction, biography  
12+ yrs  
181 pages  
  As a child Anupam Kher did not completely understand Gandhi’s ideas or his greatness. In his introduction to ‘The... read more...

A Man Called Bapu

Subhadra Sen Gupta  
Genre : picture book, non-fiction, biography  
12+ yrs  
36 pages  
  "I want world sympathy in this battle of Right against Might,"  so wrote Mahatma Gandhi in a letter.... read more...