Anjali Raghbeer


Anjali lives in New Delhi with her husband and two daughters. She has specialized in business with an MBA from London Business School, UK. But she had always yearned to write, so she then did a certificate course in feature film writing from the University of California, Los Angeles, USA, and now writes film scripts and children’s books. A feature film for which she has written the original screenplay is in production, and she recently adapted her novel, The Quest for Clues, into a children’s play.

She has a great love for art. She and her husband have steadily built up a select collection. She also conducts art appreciation workshops for youngsters to introduce them to the exciting world of Indian art.
Her best known books, are the ‘Looking at Art’ series. A set of four books where she leads children into the world of some of India’s best known artists.

Her next book The Curse of the Broken Step, is due to be released in September by Scholastic Publishers. It’s a mystery novel that revolves around a theft of miniature paintings.

She’s also working with the World Wildlife Fund to create a book that will sensitize children to climate change and motivate them to contribute towards a better planet on an individual level. She also believes that India’s rich history and stories should be presented interestingly to today’s generation.

“To write one needs a sound idea and tremendous dicipline,” says Anjali.

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