About Us

About Us

Young India Books creates excitement about books on India for kids and parents.

Kids in India and across the world will enjoy reading stories about India’s diversity, geography, culture, and history. Stories that create wonder, stories of heroes and heroines, nature stories, stories on science, and religion. The best books with an Indian flavour are reviewed and promoted at various literary festivals and book fairs.

Founded by Shamim Padamsee, the review team comprises of dedicated and qualified members, teachers, librarians, authors, and parents.


 Our Vision

Enable Indian children as well as non-Indian children, from around the world to appreciate and understand the land through books specially selected for review.


 Our Mission

* To promote quality literature about India for children.

* To assist various stakeholders - parents, teachers, librarians and book-sellers select appropriate books for children.

* To form partnerships with key stakeholders in order to enrich the quality of Indian literature for children.


 Our Offerings

* Reviews: Indian books for children between the ages of 0 to 16 years of age - picture books as well as chapter books.

* Authors and Illustrators: Know who they are and what motivates them to write or illustrate for kids.

* Search Books: Find fiction or non-fiction books according to the school curriculum, age and interests of the kids.

* Aspiring authors: Find tips on writing for children. Experts share their insight to enhance your writing skills.